Monday, January 02, 2006

Microsoft changes OEM OS license

In a move that will further encourage home PC builders to consider switching to Linux, Microsoft has changed their OEM operating system license. Whereas previously a Windows XP OEM license could be purchased in conjunction with a piece of hardware for about $100. The new license agreement announced last September only provides for an OEM OS license to be sold pre-installed. Home PC builders are now forced to buy the retail version of Windows... which sells for $200 or more.

This certainly has the effect of dulling the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Windows Vista later this year. Many home PC builders, having already dumped the price gouging (and boring) Microsoft Office product line for the more refreshing (and free) office suite have to wonder how much longer Windows will remain the (formerly ubiquitous) OS on their custom built computers.

Click here for additional information ---> PC Advisor (UK)


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