Saturday, April 29, 2006

Firefox browser

In our how to make surfing the Internet fun, safe and exciting again department, we have the following: If your still using the forever boring, ugly, tabless and outdated Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, please do yourself and your family a favor... upgrade to Firefox. Cory-apn was a Netscape user for 10 years. Netscape of course, invented the browser (did you know that?). I still like Netscape. It's constructed around the Mozilla source code and that code is now (thanks to Netscape and AOL) open source. Firefox is derived from the Mozilla source code and because it's open source that means (among other things) that it's FREE. You can download it here: Firefox 1.5 download

Sail across the Internet faster and safer than ever before. The hapless folks still using Internet Explorer don't even know what tabbed browsing is yet. That's unfortunate because it's a radical departure from the limited single tab experience your stuck with in IE. It opens up an entirely new world of not only fun, but workability. This blog for example, is published using the Firefox browser. Without tabbed browsing, that effort would be multiplied exponentially.

Firefox is easy to install. It's well supported, can be customized to accommodate your preferences and there are a myriad of themes, extensions and add-ons available. It will import your IE "Favorites" and you can set up profiles (right click on your Firefox desktop shortcut to bring up the "properties" dialog box, in the "target" window add the following text to the end of the executable program path line: -profilemanager). The Profile Manager provides the capability for different users to open their own personalized Firefox browser. It is yet another feature not available in Internet Explorer.


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