Saturday, January 07, 2006

Best on-line Customer Service

In my humble opinion, based on my own interaction with these companies; I hereby designate the following to be my Best on-line Customer Service experiences of 2005: - Absolutely no on-line computer store "gets it" better than NewEgg does. They do everything right, top to bottom. Best customer service representatives of any store, anywhere (email or telephone). Best website, best products, best prices, best shipping options, best inventory and best return policy. These guys are incredible. - Exotic computer parts and friendly staff (you can email any of them with a question and they actually write back). They also sleeve cables.

ShadowMajik - These folks sell Krystal Dome computer case badges. Great product and fast shipping. - Yeah, yeah... I know, Amazon has been around for years. But you know what... I've never had a problem with them. Best selection of books and DVDs in the universe. Excellent customer service. - Excite has been My Homepage for years. Great content, graphics, themes, information, news, personalization. - Runner up to Excite but another good Homepage site. I keep them bookmarked.


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