Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vista - Lian Li modified case

So then, now that Windows Vista has been delayed yet again; that leaves us with more time to plan, design and construct our new Vista ready custom build. Lets get started.

We'll begin with a component to house all of the state of the art hardware we are going to be installing. We need a case that is well designed, includes ample ventilation to facilitate airflow, is roomy enough to accommodate a premium, fully loaded ATX motherboard, dual 12V rail power supply, oversized graphics card(s), sound devices, expansion cards, multiple drives and controllers, a plethora of cooling equipment and... has style.

There are lots of choices. Being the middle aged geeks that we are, we're going to avoid that gaudy, adolescent, Star Trek, Las Vegas, space alien, florescent green looking stuff and go with the more practical and understated "engineered" look. In the world of computer cases, many good brand names exist. This includes Antec, Aspire, Coolmax, Cooler Master and Thermaltake. But we are building a premium, top of the line system here and only the best will do.

Cory-apn says: Lian Li

The folks at Xoxide have customized a Lian Li case to add more ventilation. They call it the LL Warrior. It's a masterpiece. Click here to see more ----> Xoxide Exclusive LL Warrior

Note the polished metal interior. Is this case beautiful or what.


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