Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blog repairs - Sidebar issue

The "cory-apn says" blog is published using the Firefox 1.5 browser. At a certain point, I became aware that the blog was not appearing correctly in Microsoft's (forever boring, tabless and outdated) Internet Explorer browser. More specifically, the blog's sidebar had dropped to the bottom of the page when viewing in IE. After poking around in the HTML code for a couple of hours, I finally discovered the problem. The banner style Google AdSense javascript code was exceeding the maximum 410 pixel width specified for the main content page. This wasn't causing a problem in Firefox, but it sure was in IE. The solution was to restyle the AdSense script to a vertical format and move it to the sidebar. does identify this issue in the help menu. Their instructions however advise to insert the javascript at the top of the sidebar directly below the "begin #sidebar" tag. That turns out to be an ugly and intrusive location for the Google ads to appear. The fix for that is to simply insert the script code at the bottom of the sidebar below the "MainOrArchivePage" tag.


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