Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

It goes without saying that many middle aged geeks are also veterans. Cory-apn among them. It is on this day... Memorial Day, that regardless of our politics or opinions, we pause to remember all of those who served and sacrificed their lives so that we may have the benefit of living in a free society. It is also a reminder that within the context of the history of the world, free societies are rare. It is not something to be taken for granted. I would not want to live any where else but this free society of ours and I owe that privilege, we all do... to the men and women, past and present, who fought and died to obtain and maintain our freedom. How can we possibly repay the awesome debt we owe, except to honor their memory in our hearts.

Memorial Day:

1. Memorial Day
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1. Department of Veterans Affairs
2. Military Service Records
3. Disabled American Veterans

Combat Engineers:

1. 7th Engineer Battalion
2. 10th Engineer Battalion
3. 15th Engineer Battalion


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