Saturday, June 03, 2006


Some people read books, others watch TV, visit with friends, go for long drives in the country or plant daisies in their gardens. Middle aged geeks love to overclock. It's all about living a life of adventure and daring, that is... we have just constructed our new computer filled to the brim with lots of expensive hardware, now lets overclock it and hope we don't burn up that $400 graphics card. What overclocking means is, we are going to tweak our hardware settings to make our expensive components perform better and run faster than they were intended too. In effect, we are going to turn our computers into high performance racing machines. If we void the hardware warranties along the way, so be it. It's important that we have a faster computer than the guy next door. So then, time for Overclocking 101. Lets visit some web sites to learn more:

First, lets visit our basic Overclocking Guide. Then we have Memory Overclocking, CPU Overclocking, Graphics card Overclocking, Extreme Overclocking and of course, The Overclocking Intelligence Agency.


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