Sunday, July 16, 2006

ZoneAlarm - 6.5.722

I dearly love ZoneAlarm, been using it for 10 years. The recent release of version 6.5 however has been driving all of us crazy. There has been a multitude of catastrophic problems. Read about them here:
The big question, is it fixed yet? The answer is... not exactly. Since June 5th, the 6.5 release history looks like this:

6.5.700 (problems)
6.5.714 (big problems)
6.5.722 (more problems)
6.5.725 (apparently for non-US users only)

Bottom line, some folks are still not happy with the updated releases. Apparently for good reason, read about it here: ZoneAlarm Forums; Speed Guide BSOD; Speed Guide 6.5.725.

Cory-apn took the plunge and installed version 6.5.722 on his home computer (Margarita). So what happened? Well, good news and bad. First the good. The McAfee and Eudora conflicts appear to be fixed. Now the bad... if you happen to be running your computer on a Gigabyte motherboard with the Easy Tune 5 maintenance and overclocking utility installed, the first thing ZoneAlarm is going to do after it's installed and you reboot is send up a warning bubble that (Microsoft) WMI services is trying to load "Markfun NT" drivers. The ZoneAlarm warning bubble froze my computer. I couldn't ctrl-alt-delete to Task Manager so had to reboot via the hardware reset button. After the reboot, the warning bubble appeared again and I had the opportunity to allow or not allow the Markfun NT drivers to load. I made the mistake of not allowing because initially I had no idea what these drivers were for (nor did ZoneAlarm). Upon subsequent reboots however, I kept getting a "markfun_load_nt_driver" windows popup error message. To make a long story short, after googling the error I discovered the drivers were associated with Easy Tune 5 and ended up having to unistall and reinstall Easy Tune to fix everything.

Excluding that incident, ZoneAlarm 6.5.722 appears to be working. So far, I'm not having the shut down problems or disk errors others have reported. I have noticed the new install appears to be loading a larger chunk of itself into memory (about 3% of my 2GB's of dual channel Corsair XMS RAM). And that's at idle. Seems like a lot.

Anyway, if your still having problems with ZoneAlarm 6.5, be sure to leave a comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been having issues with Zone Alarm 6.5 ever since I built my new computer with an Athlon64 X2 3800+ dual core. Programs add themselves to Zone Alarm without any popup window, even programs that don't access the internet get added to the program control list. I run the same version on my old Dell P4 2.66ghz and don't have this issue, so it's definitely an issue with dual core processors.

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