Sunday, July 09, 2006

ZoneAlarm - Eudora conflict

The on going saga of the recent disastrous release of ZoneAlarm 6.5 continues to unfold. As a ZoneAlarm user, cory-apn first reported the conflict with McAfee AntiVirus here: ZoneAlarm 6.5 McAfee conflict. Cory-apn is also a Eudora user. Turns out that ZoneAlarm 6.5 was corrupting Eudora .toc files as well. You can read about that here: Eudora Forums and speed But wait, there's more. ZoneAlarm has a conflict with itself! Turns out that ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Antivirus don't get along. Read about that here: PCWorld - On Your Side. Even more problems (?), read this: PC Magazine.

According to some reports, Zone Labs has supposedly fixed the problem(s). Read ZDNet and PRO Networks. But alas, others disagree. Read Zone Labs User Forums: McAfee and Eudora.

Statements from representatives of Zone Labs have advised the fixes will be pushed to existing customers who have automatic updates enabled. Cory-apn is a (paid subscription) existing customer and as of this date, has not seen any such fix.

Update (July 16th) Also see: ZoneAlarm - 6.5.722


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