Saturday, December 31, 2005

Two Hound Dog poems

Poem 1:
I'm just an old hound dog by the sea,
scratching at this pesky old flea.
I do not know what it sees in me.
I wish it would let me be.

Poem 2:
I'm just an old hound dog by the road,
sittin by this old toad.
If I sit long enough, I'll probably get mold.
And so the story be told.

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Answering Machine

I have an answering machine in my car. It says, "I'm home now, leave a message and I'll call back when I'm out".

Monday, December 26, 2005

Life in the Caribbean

Tis nothing like a sunrise on the high seas. Don't be jealous, but the daughter of the governor of the Florida Keys has invited me to the Grand Ball this coming season. She is a young, pretty and of course... French. I can't turn her down, that would be an insult to the Governor. So as much as I would prefer not to go. I'm afraid I must, strictly for political reasons you understand. Say la vee. Cory The Fierce - Pirate of the Caribbean

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fan City

I am obsessed with temperature control. As such, you will find the following fans inside Margarita: (2) 12cm turbo fans, (4) 8cm circulation fans, (1) 12cm psu fan, (1) 8cm x 1.5cm window fan, (1) 6cm fan with 8cm converter, (1) 8cm cpu fan, (1) 8cm gpu fan, (2) 2.5cm hdd cooler fans. Why not use water cooling, you ask (more on that later)? Do all of those fans make a lot of noise, you may inquire (not too bad actually)?

Inside Margarita

I'll post the specifications later. In the meantime, here is an inside look at Margarita (click on the picture for a better view).


This is Margarita, my latest home built computer. The themes are performance, reasonable cost, stability, overclocking, temperature control and pirates (Margarita is my flagship for sailing the 17th century Caribbean).

Sunday, December 11, 2005


T'was a fine day at sea... Last night I battled two infamous pirates and won. The first was Jean Lafitte, whom I put away with relative ease, having skillfully outmaneuvered him on the high seas and dispatched his crew with grape shot at close range. The other battle was more difficult. An epic struggle lasting several days that was only concluded when I boarded Jon Ratcliff's flagship and engaged the pirate himself in a torturous sword fighting dual. I emerged as the victor. The Governor of the Grand Bahamas has awarded me lands and rank as a result of my courage and daring. Hugs my dear, Cory The Fierce - Pirate of the Caribbean