Sunday, June 25, 2006

Music Video - Your Wildest Dreams

Middle aged geeks love music videos. To play this one, click on the "play" button, lower left corner of the media control panel.

Your Wildest Dreams
By The Moody Blues

Saturday, June 17, 2006

ZoneAlarm 6.5 McAfee conflict

My favorite firewall just made a big mistake. Do you have ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall and McAfee AntiVirus installed on the same system? If so, there is a problem. When you attempt to install the latest ZoneAlarm upgrade Version 6.5 you will get a dialog box that advises: ZoneAlarm has detected McAfee AntiVirus software on your computer. You must uninstall McAfee before ZoneAlarm can be installed. Imagine my surprise when I read this message. Upon reading the ZoneAlarm user forums, turns out a lot of people were surprised and very unhappy too.

Has Zone Labs lost their minds? I happen to have a substantial financial investment in both of these products. I don't think ZoneAlarm needs to be invoking strong arm tactics in some lame attempt at making decisions about whatever software I happen to choose be on my computer. I'm furious, and so are many others.

Click here to have a look at the forums: Zone Labs user forum

Click here to send an email: Jordy Berson at Zone Labs

Update (July 12th) Also see: ZoneAlarm - Eudora conflict
Update (July 16th) Also see: Zone Alarm - 6.5.722

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Johnny Castaway

If you remember a time when 4 MB's of RAM installed on your state of the art Personal Computer seemed enormous (at $50.00 a MB), then you may also remember the greatest screensaver of all time... Johnny Castaway.

This is back in the days of EGA graphics, 286 motherboards and 5 1/4" floppy drives.

This sceensaver is so beloved that it's still around today. Johnny Castaway is marooned on a desert island. The story that unfolds on your computer screen chronicles the adventures, mishaps, occasionally strange visitors and attempts at escape of the forlorn and lovable Johnny.

Visit the Johnny Castaway Home Page here:

Download a (640 X 480) modernized XP version:

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Some people read books, others watch TV, visit with friends, go for long drives in the country or plant daisies in their gardens. Middle aged geeks love to overclock. It's all about living a life of adventure and daring, that is... we have just constructed our new computer filled to the brim with lots of expensive hardware, now lets overclock it and hope we don't burn up that $400 graphics card. What overclocking means is, we are going to tweak our hardware settings to make our expensive components perform better and run faster than they were intended too. In effect, we are going to turn our computers into high performance racing machines. If we void the hardware warranties along the way, so be it. It's important that we have a faster computer than the guy next door. So then, time for Overclocking 101. Lets visit some web sites to learn more:

First, lets visit our basic Overclocking Guide. Then we have Memory Overclocking, CPU Overclocking, Graphics card Overclocking, Extreme Overclocking and of course, The Overclocking Intelligence Agency.